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Survey's needn't be boring. I've created a cinema 🎥 themed demo survey to show different types of questions you can use to gain insights...

Take the survey demo to see some of the 43 different question types on offer:

MULTIPLE CHOICE 👀: Your bread and butter. Need your respondent to select more than 1 option? We have you covered

STAR ⭐ RATING QUESTION: A rating scale question with that movie star quality using engaging star imagery.

IMAGE CARD 🃏 SORT: Want your respondents to put options into categories? Use this image card sort question for maximum engagement

HEATMAP 🔥: Got a webpage to analyse? Or a poster to review? See where your respondent's eye falls with this heatmap question. I've used it here to allow respondents to pick their preferred cinema seat.

RANK ORDER 1️⃣ : Need to determine what's REALLY important to your respondents. Why not get your respondents to rank different metrics using an engaging drop and rank question?

CALCULATOR ➕: How much would people spend at the cinema? Tickets, Premium seats, Food? Respondents can add different amounts and it will calculate an overall figure. Great for percentage total questions too

MULTI-GRID SELECT 🤔 : Another well used question for your 5 point or 7 point scale questions. Quickly assess your respondents agreement towards a whole battery of statements.

VIDEO 📺 SENTIMENT: A game changer. Capture which points of your advert, video or campaign works well and not so well with an interactive feature as you watch. I have used upcoming film 'Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose' in this example. Sorry #Barbie fans.

NPS 👍 : The Industry standard. Net Promoter Score is a 11-point scale widely used to understand willingness to recommend whether that be your brand, services or products. You can group Promoters (9-10), Passives (7-8) and Detractors (0-6) accordingly.

OPEN END 💬 : And what better way to delve deeper into the 'why' than open ended questions. This lends itself not only to identifying key themes but also sentiment analysis & text analytics.

And I haven't used the Radio button Highlighter, Conjoint, Max-Diff, Forms or Semantic Differential....Keep your eye out for another demo survey soon!



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