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5 Reasons to choose my services!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

When it comes to research assistance, I offer distinct advantages over other alternatives. Whether you're a research novice, have budget constraints, require realistic deadlines, seek diverse expertise, or value a unique perspective, I have you covered. However, I also acknowledge situations where my services may not be the best fit. Let's explore the five reasons why I stand out and the situations where I might not be the right choice.

1) A guiding hand for research novices

New to research? If you're new to research (Student, new business or other working professional) or undertaking a project, I can provide valuable guidance. Whether it's reviewing your survey to maxmise engagement, optimising question design for honest responses, or suggesting appropriate methodologies, I have the expertise to enhance the quality and value of your research. I can also assist businesses with limited resources (but access to contacts) by managing and delivering research projects efficiently. Perhaps SurveyMonkey or AI tools have given you a good starting point, but you feel it is important that you have an expert cast their eye on your survey. I can be flexible and help you reach your insight goals with expertise on survey design, data analysis and reporting. I also guide you on whether a qualitative approach may be a more appropriate methodology.

2) Cheaper than the big guns!

Research needs can often exceed available budgets. While big market research agencies excel at their work, they can come with a hefty price tag. If you're looking to maximise your limited budget or utilise spare funds before the financial year ends, I offer a cost-effective alternative. Whether you require survey programming, analysis, or reporting, I can help you achieve your research goals without breaking the bank.

3) Realistic deadlines

Big Agencies have a lot on their plate. Actually, they spin several. Consequently, deadlines can be compromised, leading to delays and frustrations Whether it’s working with their technical team to produce data tables or complex survey programming, dealing with hiccups with data points or managing multiple clients, deadlines get pushed to ensure everything they provide is on time and correct. Holding emails become a staple! I make sure I’m as transparent as possible to ensure you’ll get what you need, when we have agreed it.

4) Experience of multiple sectors & I don’t just do surveys

With a diverse background spanning various sectors such as finance (HSBC, Barclays), retail (Waitrose/John Lewis, Husqvarna), media (The Telegraph, BBC, Sky), sports (The Football League), and non-profit (Ben- Support for life), I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Whether it's conducting surveys, interviews, focus groups, desk research, literature reviews, or freelancing research tasks, I have the expertise to handle different methodologies. This versatility allows me to provide valuable insights across a broad spectrum of research needs.

5) Perspective

I’ve been a student struggling to create my first survey (seeing surveys on LinkedIn groups, this hasn’t changed), I’ve worked for big research agencies and then I’ve worked client side from a huge media company to an industry charity. I understand the challenges from all sides and can empathise with the ones you’re facing. From big panel surveys to accessible care resident surveys, I can do the straightforward and the complex.

Get in touch at or tell me more about your project here

Honest reasons why I may not be right for you!

- I just need short, quick feedback- If you require short survey feedback, tools like Hotjar or intuitive and easy-to-programme platforms like SurveyMonkey can provide efficient solutions. Social media polls are also useful for quick "pulse" checks. While I'm more than capable of sense-checking or programming short surveys, these tools can offer a simpler and faster approach for your specific goals if you know exactly what you want and need. It probably is not appropriate however for more complex projects or methodologies.

- I need to reach a large sample that isn’t just online – I recently came across an exciting research tender covering life on the Scottish Islands. However, upon reading the last report I realise I wasn’t suitable! “4,347 people responded to the survey out of 20,000 (95% by post, 3 or 0.1% by phone and 197 or 5% online including 7 in Gaelic).” Unless the client had printing facilities and data entry capacity then this would be a huge challenge, there would also be costs for translations in Gaelic. I’m ambitious but currently a 1-man band!

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