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6 reasons why you may need a survey

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Surveys are a powerful tool for collecting valuable data and insights. By partnering with Fern Insight (me!), both individuals and organisations can benefit from my expertise in survey design and independent research. Perhaps you have one in mind, if so feel free to tell me about it here!

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6 Reasons why you may need a survey:

1) Customer satisfaction

You have your service or your product but outside of transaction and website analytics data you don’t know how your customer’s experience went. Creating a feedback mechanism can capture service metrics such as speed & helpfulness or product metrics such as value for money or customer effort. You can include scores on willingness to recommend (Net Promoter Score) too. This can be tracked over time so it can act as a benchmark for success and can capture pain points along the customer journey.

2) Explore validity of a new concept, product or service

Have an idea or several but want to test demand? A survey can help test attributes of a product or survey through agreement scales, conjoint analysis or semantic based questions. Perhaps you want to test a web page and you want your user to highlight the areas that draw their eye – surveys can do this!

3) Thought Leadership & University/Educational study

Want to highlight a problem in your local area? Perhaps you want to demonstrate expertise by uncovering new insights about a topic? A survey can shed light on a problem you want to explore. Sharing new insights not only engages your audience but can act as a tool to persuade and encourage to take action. Such actions can include an email signup, product purchase or a donation.

4) Brand Tracking

Tracking your brand awareness is so important as it tells you whether your business is front of mind or whether you’re being forgotten. It helps track ‘brand buzz’; whether positive or negative things are being said about your brand. A brand tracking survey can also help you understand what words, statements and emotions are evoked by your brand. You can split your brand into unprompted and prompted awareness; this helps you understand what type of marketing and engagement your business may need to do moving forward. You can also see what media channels and platforms your audience is on and whether that differs by age, gender or region.

5) Understanding your audience or market

Have a new idea but not certain it will take with your customer base? Or you want to simply better understand your audience by creating customer profiles? Surveys can help you ascertain what makes your audience tick and what their preferences and behaviours are. This can be achieved through both closed questions and open-ended questions with results analysed in crosstabs.

6) Internal – Need to review how a training session went, or perhaps you want a steer on communication channels or maybe you want to measure employee engagement? Surveys are a great way of capturing feedback and ensuring opinions and experiences of colleagues are valued. I’ve produced a suite of workplace based surveys on training, carbon footprint, new starter experience, preferred communication channels, conference reviews and EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) – each giving quick and valuable insights!

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